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Hi, I'm Chris!
Welcome to my personal webpage.
I created* this website to broadcast some of my research related progress and personal stories, and to hobby around with oldskool HTML. As always, this is a never-ending project, so I will aim to update it regularly :).

*. from scratch!

About me

My name is Chris Verhoek, and I'm currently working as a PhD candidate in the Control Systems group (Dept. of Electrical Engineering) at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). I'm working on data-based analysis and control of nonlinear systems with stability and performance guarantees, closely together with my promotor Roland Tóth and co-promotor Sofie Haesaert. This can of course be approached from both a broad and narrow perspective, so let me specify a bit further! During my PhD trajectory, I'm focusing on two research lines: (i) data-driven analysis and control of Linear Parameter-Varying (LPV) systems using Willems' Fundamental Lemma (see my paper), and (ii) learning-based model-augmentation using linear fractional represented artificial neural networks and a priori known first-principles models (see, e.g., this abstract). So, very exciting topics! You can find more details on my research here, here, or here.

Next to my love for exciting research, I'm also very much into hiking (see my blog on my experiences during the Laugavegur trail), jazz drumming and the art of mathematics (see for example a beautiful thread).

Academic background

I obtained my BSc. degree in Mechatronics from the Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda in 2017, and my MSc degree in Systems and Control from the TU/e (cum laude) in 2020. During my MSc research, I worked on incremental dissipativity based analysis and control of nonlinear systems, and on a novel performance shaping framework for nonlinear systems. The research was carried out in the Control Systems group at the TU/e, under supervision of Roland Tóth and Patrick Koelewijn. My MSc thesis was selected as the best thesis of the year 2020 within the Electrical Engineering department. After my MSc graduation, I worked for 6 months as a University Researcher at the TU/e, prior to my PhD trajectory that started in February 2021.

I hope you like(d) the content on this website!

Best, Chris

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